Rob Galbraith: DSLR Camera Remote for iPhone comes to life in v1.1

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Sep 27, 2006
When onOne Software's DLSR Camera Remote 1.0 emerged in May, we saw the iPhone app for controlling Canon digital SLR cameras as an interesting proof of concept that wasn't quite ready for the sorts of remote work we do. Version 1.1 of DSLR Camera Remote changes that. onOne has previously said the next version would support Nikon cameras, and it does. But the upcoming free update is about more than just bringing Nikon users in from the cold. It also introduces just enough vital changes* - including smarter RAW+JPEG handling, burst shooting, a slick Auto Bracketing feature and a more responsive Fire button - to transform DSLR Camera Remote from a curiosity into a useful tool. We have a first look at v1.1.


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