Ricoh is closing shutter on Pentax????

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Jul 23, 2007
This is

Official response :

"With regard to the article about RICOH today

Apr. 12, 2017
Ricoh Co.,Ltd.

Today there was an article saying that RICOH considers to shrink the camera business and withdraw from consumer products. This article is not based on RICOH's official announcement.

RICOH is focusing its resource on the high added value products such as PENTAX and GR that are appreciated by the existing users and photo hobbyists. RICOH is also a market leader of input devices in the VR or AR market with its "RICOH THETA" where we can see rapid growth, and will keep on expanding the business even more in this field. In addition, RICOH will develop and expand the imaging business in the solution business field for corporate, by creating new market utilizing its own camera technology.

Closing this thread since the news is not true and no point in conspiracy theories (eg. Like me closing it fast ) :D

If anyone wants to sell me their exotic/rare Pentax lenses, do let me know. ;)

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