Ricoh GX100 Raw

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Jan 24, 2002
Had some pic shot in RAW in the Ricoh GX100 but felt funny when I processed them.
When shot in RAW it will also include a jpg file here are the files as seen from different software and Ricoh's own software when processing the RAW files.
All files unprocessed and only converted to jpg format.
I had a Hoya R72 IR filter over it and all RAW shots are the same.

This is the jpg file that was stored together with the RAW file.

This is the RAW file converted by ACDSee Pro and is the clostest to the original

This is the RAW file converted by Ricoh's original software and as seen on screen.
The Ricoh software also show different colour cast for the jpg file and the RAW file

It seems like Ricoh's own software does not convert their own RAW files very well and gives a colour cast to it.
Anybody have any experience on the Ricoh's software that is bundled with the camera ??.
I have always thought that the software bundled no matter how bad is always better at converting their own RAW files. ?? :dunno:

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