Request to use image for a good cause.

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I'm Karan Dang, an art director working with the Singapore office of advertising agency JWT.

I'm working on a pro bono project for UNIFEM, or the United Nations Development Fund for Women. This is an organisation dedicated to advancing women’s rights and achieving gender equality, such as by providing financial and technical assistance to innovative programmes and strategies that will foster the empowerment of women.

The print ad I'm currently working on requires images of women and girls in full body poses.

The pictures that I'm looking for are very photojournalistic in style. I've attached the type of images that I'm looking for.

We'll be using the images for upcoming awards such as D&AD, Clio, Cannes, etc. You'll be credited for your photograph.

If you could help out, it will be a big favour.

This is for a noble cause, and I'm looking forward to a favourable reply from you.

Karan dang

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Jan 11, 2007
Last I remembered was that pro bono work with ad agencies were a platform for awards show (competition) submission.

So agency comes up with an interesting concept, usually involving a topic that elicits strong emotions, or any platform that allows a showcasing of creative prowess, and finds a client willing to work in collaboration with said agency. Usually the best 'clients' for this type of work are the social awareness agencies and agencies championing human or life rights like say the SPCA.

The work has to be created and placed in a media, any media for it to qualify for submission. The cost of advertising space is usually paid for by ad agency, but sometimes 'Client' is asked to share the cost of media placement or pay a token fee of say $1.

Ad agency usually does the creative work FOC, pulling their resources together to get the ad done. Hence, explaining Karan's search for photos here.

From a purely commercial stand-point, usually no money is involved as in the ad agency, AD or CD doesn't get a single cent from this ad per se, unless there is 'hidden billings' going on behind the scene, but usually, that's not the case because the main interest is getting the ad submitted for the competition, and not to earn 'a few cents' here and there. The 'big money' comes later.

Where's the benefit?

IF the ad wins an award at a major show, it's usually everyone getting a 'name' in an award winning ad, so for the photographer, it's an accolade. If it's a very interesting concept and the award show is a big one, the accolade is a very nice add-on to everyone's credits.

For ADs and CDs, the more awards they have, the easier it is for them to get jobs in bigger or better agencies, or ask for a raise or promotion. But an award is never a guarantee of anything, except perhaps more stress to win better or more awards the following year (for the creatives)! :bsmilie:

On the agency level, the more awards they have, the more prestigious their name and reputation, and conversely, their fees. Same goes for the photographer, if he or she so chooses.

On another level, if the ad is particularly memorable, or has an unusually high public awareness factor, photographer's name gets splashed around more/photographer could leverage on this factor, so that could be a good thing for photographer.

At least that's the way I remembered it to be. Not sure if it's still the same now.

Personally, I would be interested in getting involved if the concept is strong or interests me, and the ad agency people are nice to work with.

Hope this helps Karan. :)

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Aug 25, 2006
well, this one sounds legit enough for me. beats the time some person contacted me for a "commemorative book" for a "global agency", blah blah blah, upon further questioning they had been commissioned to do the book and had a limited budget, so cannot pay me.. but clients will pay them ho ho ho and they will credit me. well done for that one.

anyways, i don't have any such shots. but upz for you.

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