Re-Opening of Chek Jawa Wetland, Pulau Ubin

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Jul 13, 2003
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Saturday 7 Jul 07 marks the reopening of the facilities at Chek Jawa Wetland, Pulau Ubin. Well-known for its diversity of marine life and special habitats, Chek Jawa was saved from reclamation when nature enthusiasts lobbied MND to conserve this biodiversity-rich area.

After a few years in operation, Chek Jawa was closed in mid 2005 for the redevelopment plans which included constructing a 1.1km boardwalk around the coastal area and into the mangrove swamps. An old English house was also refurbished and conserved to function as an interpretative and educational centre for Chek Jawa. Amongst other features are a 20m tall lookout tower and a pontoon and looking platform which lowers itself to nearly the sea-floor level so that observers can see the sea life on the seabed when the tides are at their lowest.

If you're interested, go visit the newly reopened facilities in Chek Jawa! For more information, visit the NParks website for updates.

#1 : House #1 - Interpretative and Education Centre.

#2 : A shot of the coastal boardwalk from the House #1 jetty

#3 : Approaching the pontoon and the viewing hammerhead deck

#4 : Viewing deck with transparent viewing panels to see the seabed

#5 : Coastal boardwalk with rest shelter


Aug 25, 2006
Aha, me and another guy caught sight of this place a few weeks back, pretty interesting, after the long boardwalk you get quite some mangrove areas, spotted some birds but not too sure about butterflies, hehe. There are also submerged trees (when high tide, I suppose) here and there, potential interesting spots for IR photography for the IR regulars if they see this.

We met some workers while we were there who didn't quite know what was going on, hehe, just that Nparks was developing the area, and that it was supposed to be out of bounds to us. =(


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Oct 10, 2006
anyone organising a tour there...should be fun..:heart:

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