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Jan 3, 2005
Hi to all photography enthusiast........
How about getting one of these to draw inspiration?
We have a wide range of publication books for sale:

80 Engaging moments $10
These pictures reflect the development of ZaoBao's photojournalism from the 50's when it sets up the first photo department, the digital age of today and from black and white to colour photography.

Positive/Negatives $10
This is a collection of sketches of Singapore over the years captured by some of the photographers in Straits Times Newsroom.It features 101 photographs showing how Singaporeans work, play and live.

Take it My Way $40
THis is written by a Thai author featuring the essentials of what to bring along in outdoor shooting.

Reflections in Bamboo $5
A fusion of photography and the art of war, it aims to let you have a quick reference to the essence of wisdom on the product of war and at the same time enjoy the images and the author's reflections on daily scenes. Written by Steven Yee.

MIne eyes have seen $48
This interesting book features the evolution of an artist from the strikingly composed landscapes to the almost abstract nudes in his later periods.Written by Dr. M.S. Weerakone

Anyone keen...Please email to Kellyn/Diane at

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