Premier Pro vs After Effects

Mar 24, 2009
Hi there! After realising the potential of taking videos using my D5000, was thinking of a video editing software instead of using the pathetic WMM. However i chanced upon these 2 products, Premier Pro and After Effects. Being a newbie in video editings, i have no idea what's the difference between these 2. May i know what are their main differences? Which one would be better suited for me as a newbie? I plan to create a movie clip with editings similar to this video i saw online. Any advices?

adam m

New Member
Aug 16, 2011

To put it simply, Premier Pro is an editing application and after affects is a motion graphics software. I dont use Premier but i am pretty sure you can do some simple motion graphics within the application.


Mar 20, 2011
These two are not even in the same field. Premiere Pro is an editing application and After Effects is a motion graphics compositing software. Both come from Adobe's Creative Suite Collection and are meant to work hand in hand e.g after you edit on PP, you put it through AE to do some graphics. You can do do advanced editing with PP and some simple graphics, and just the opposite for AE.

I think If you'd wanna have a head-to-head comparison, then you can choose from a list of Editing Applications below:

*Premiere Pro
*Grass Valley's Edius
*Final Cut Pro
*Sony Vegas

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