POV photography


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Feb 9, 2009
Fratton Park, Portsmouth
I have a sudden rush of ideas on POV photography in Sports. I'm know not very much about it and tips are scarce online. I was thinking of DIY helmet but I figured it was too tedious and I need to spend lots of money and strength to get it to hold a DSLR.

I was watching the Chase Jarvis video and I saw that he was using a neoprene bag with a harness. I googled around and I found that Optech has something called the Stabilizer Strap which serves the same purpose as Neoprene+Harness except it's less messy.

Does anyone knows how I can get my camera supported with a cheap cost? I remembered someone did some POV photography on CS and that was like super duper long ago. Like when I first joined. It would also help if it can hold a flash or 2.

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