Please Give Input:- Wakeboarding Shot


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Dec 5, 2011
Hi, am new here been messing with photography for a bit. My shots lack consistency still sometimes. Nikon D60.

Area of Critique sought

1. Compostion : - I have some room on left & right of photo and top of photo, by rule of thirds I could shift subject further right to get a longer spray but I needed more space beyond (infront of the subject) kindly correct me.
2. Suggestions


Subject: - Lady in pic in motion (Grace & suspension)
Conditions:- Cloudy day relatively crowded in the area, moment of shot was when things cleared
Personal Opinion:- I am quite proud of this shot, but am wondering if I could do it better.

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Mar 11, 2004
Don't really understand what you're saying regarding the technical info.

Composition wise, I like the foreground spray but don't see why you need to shoot with kelong as background. Would have been better to have the wakeboarder on her other side to see her front profile instead. And if possible avoid the line cutting across her face.

Technical wise, if you're indeed shooting at Tv then you don't get to decide aperture. Why do you need hyper focal? And what does "fogginess/smogginess" have to do with increasing DOF?

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