Phuket, or hmm any alternative? :D


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Jan 23, 2010

I am trying to plan a trip with my friends at near end of january and i need some advice. I am not sure if it is still considered peak..

Actually we were all considering between three countries, being phuket, ho chi minh and bali. We all thought that phuket may well be the best option but we aren't too sure too. So thought of asking for advice. Let's not stray away perhaps, phuket should be the main focus of discussion. :)

Anyway, i may just proceed on to ask about phuket. Generally we are a group of adventure lovers who are tending to go for a holiday before we go into NS. We just completed our A levels and are currently quite free, so we may go phuket for about a week or more since we have the luxury of time.

Contrary to all others here, we are still students and we are all on tight budget. We do not have much traveling experience on our own and we obviously do not have any license. And this is going to be the first trip that i am going to plan, so its going to be quite hard. I really need to get the dos and donts from people as the net is of no use at all.

Generally, during the trip we hope to do as many outdoor sports as possible. Snorkeling is a must regardless of the cost, so i need recommendation on where to go snorkeling. And i was wondering is there banana boat and parasailing available at phuket? I tried them once in batam and that was thrilling! So i want to play again in phuket.

And is there any theme parks worth going? So far on the net i only managed to find two theme parks. I am afraid, but i don't find the Fantasea amusing as i do not want to watch elephants! Neither is the waterpark thriling as the cost is X_X.

Photography is not the main focus of trip, but i am bringing along a Canon S95 along. Now thinking should i lug along a tripod and ND filters for sunrise/sunset? :S

Oh my gosh, i am flooding the post with question and i better reserved some. Simply put, i really need advice from all the experience travellers. My traveling experience has never ventured beyond school trips, guided tour and tour lead by my parents. :(

Ambivalency about this first independent trip. :D

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