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Oct 16, 2008
for beginners & serious amateurs

Date: 8 August, Saturday

Time: 10am - 7pm

Classroom: The Riverwalk,
20 Upper Circular Road
Centrally located along the Singapore River, in between Clarke Quay and Boat Quay
Opposite Clarke Quay MRT station (2mins across)
10mins walk from Raffles Place MRT & 2 bus-stops away from City Hall MRT.

Studio: 32B South Bridge Road
Just across the road from our classroom building

- Learn the fundamentals of studio & flash photography in one day!
- from 10am morning to 7pm evening
- critical theory + practical sessions for smaller groups.

Class size: max 8 persons
min 4 to start

Fees: S$300 per person

Early Bird Discount - $10 less if you sign up by 3rd August
Bring a friend discount - S$10 if you get a friend to join too.

Workshop Details:
This bootcamp training covers our four core modules in learning studiowork

(a) OLO - One Light Only
Most studio lighting books and courses try to impress you with multiple strobes setup. Students learn by copying the light settings and positions but they often fail to understand the "WHYs" and "HOWs"

The true essence of learning studio lighting is to understand how each single strobe contributes to the overall setup.

Too often, when an amateur could not achieve a certain lighting effect, they attempt to improve it by introducing another light. The confusion gets worse as more lights are added without understanding how each one works.

With just one strobe only, an expert studio photographer can give you more interesting lighting setting than an amateur using three or more lights.

This "ONE LIGHT ONLY" course will train you to master thoroughly the various lighting effects that can be achieved with a single strobe.
You will understand lighting principles and concepts so well that you can do wonders with just your speedlights, camera flashes. Good for those who can't afford to shoot in a studio frequently. You can apply your lighting knowledge in your daily photography, outside of a studio.

(b) LOL - Lighting On Location
An extension of the OLO concept, Lighting On Location LOL shows you how to shoot creatively by balancing flash light with ambient exposure.
You will learn how to operation a Bowens gemini strobe powered by a battery pack on location. With the same lighting principles and concepts, you will also learn to improvise and light similarly with your own flashlights

(c) WOW - White On White

How do you photograph a model wearing white against a white backdrop, without losing highlight details?
Most beginners (and some professionals) can't figure out this out. This workshop will teach you how.

(d) BOB - Black On Black
Similar to WOW, how do you photograph a person wearing black against a dark or black background?

Our studio lighting series are structured around these four modules - OLO, LOL, WOW, BOB
We believe that if you understand these four concepts fundamentally, you will be able to tackle any lighting problems on your own.

In short, instead of showing you how to copy typical lighting setups, we teach you to understand lighting concepts fundamentally.

Here's the timetable for our bootcamp on 8 August 2009, Saturday


10am - 11am
Introduction & Theory lesson at our classroom @ The Riverwalk

11am - 12pm
Practical "One Light Only"

12pm - 2pm
01 hours of guided studio practice with 01 hour of lunch time.
Students will be split into smaller groups of three max.
Each group will take turns to go for lunch and to practice what they just learned

2pm - 3pm
Theory + Practical "White On White" + "Black On Black"

3pm - 4pm
time for Q&A, coffee & tea.

4pm - 5pm
Theory & Practical Session for "Lighting On Location"
Learn how to use studio lights on location and also how to use your own flashlights for creative shooting

5pm - 7pm
Outdoor Practices with both studio lights and your own flash strobes.

For Guided Studio Practices (12pm to 2pm & 5pm to 7pm)
students are encouraged to bring their own friends & models for practice.
freelance models may be arranged by instructor on per request basis (additional fees involved)

For enquiries, pls email to info@photoscholar.com

More information will be posted to this thread soon, pls stay tuned.

To signup:

email us at studio@photoscholar.com with your name and contact no.
you will receive a reply with payment details

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