Photo exhibition on 6th Nov "Composing Dreams"

Everyone have a dream to fulfill, and this girl is just about to fulfill hers.

Solo Exhibition & Book Launch with a theme of

The photographer behind the lens is known in deviantart, flickr & etc. as Renez Wednesday.

It is the dream of the photographer to make her passion into a profession, and Composing Dreams : 做梦,创造梦 is just that. Inspired from her daily dreams and contemplation. It is said that the style of her photography is very much surreal, but at the same time real. Of course, the art of surrealism is to the eye of the beholder. It takes one to see, one to understand and one to put it all together.

As a celebration to her entry to the world of the arts, she will be conducting a booklaunch and solo exhibition as conveyed below.

Entry: Free Admission
Time and Date: 1.30-8.30PM, 6th November 2010
Venue: Third Shophouse from Shell Petrol Station, 2nd sty, 780 Upper Bukit Timah Road 678125
Location Map:(

Composing Dreams; The Book:
Her Fanpage on facebook:
Her Website:

To get there:
Stop at
Busstop number 43119 bef Hazel Pk Terr
Bus number: 67, 170, 171, 176,177, 178, 598, 961, 963, 970

RSVP here:

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