Passport photography dos and don'ts ;-)

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Jan 20, 2002
Here's a good one from the good ole ICA entitled "How to take passport photograph using Digital Camera"

Some illuminating highlights with my comments in brackets (I'd imagine that most of the advice given is aimed at the average P&S camera user):

1. Position the camera at subject’s eye level and approximately 0.5 to 2 meters away from the subject [at 0.5m away, people will look very fat unless the subject is VERY small and skinny]

2. Avoid directing the camera’s flash onto the face to eliminate the “red-eye” effect and the tendency of “half-closed” eyes [I bet you this is where most people trip up - it's not helpful to the average home user with a P&S digital camera to say that the camera's onboard flash should not be aimed directly at the subject's face because there's almost no such thing as a built in flash that doesn't gun right into the subject head on; it's only the smarty pants hobbyist who can figure out a way to use bounce flash or some external flash)

3. No alternation, removal, amendment or enhancement of the photo image is performed. This includes removal or addition of birth marks, moles or tattoos. [How terrible! Use of Photoshop's "liquify" filter not allowed nor removal of eyebags, agelines, pimples or ugly dimples!!! My aunty would be very unhappy to hear this]

Other general observations:

Some of the example pictures clearly violate the dos and don'ts that the guidelines state. It's obvious that digital enhancement was used to make some of the ladies look slimmer! E.g.,


I mean, hey ;-) Good one! No enhancement indeed. :bsmilie: (It's highly unlikely that the second picture was taken with a point and shoot - the light source used looks too big - look at the shadow under the chin and the flattering light quality - and the lack of a hard-edged shadow in the background - so typical when you position someone against a wall and snap a pic - is also unusual)

All said and done, I think it's laudible that ICA actually took the trouble to have a webpage on DIY passport picture taking. :thumbsup: Maybe someone should help them write a better set of DIY tips. Me, I am just happy to make irreverent comments ;-)

(I am sure the pictures attached to this post constitutes fair use)

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