Our World One World - Photographs by Children Project

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May 30, 2003
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Hi all,

There were a couple of old post in Clubsnap asking what they should do with their old cameras. Here's something for you to participate if you have old cams what you want to give away.

I am soon going to embark on on overseas trip to several countries and part of my trip is to do community work in countries like Costa Rica. Together with likeminded people from around the world, we have created a project called the Our World One World - Photographs by Children Project.

You can read about the project - how we started and what we intend to do etc in this link

The appeal
If you do have any film or digital cameras which you like to dispose of and don't mind donating to this project do let me know and I can come down and collect it from you. We are looking for simple cameras as the users are kids.

If I can't get hold of cameras, I will be buying some disposable cameras from Singapore to bring over (I was told it cost abt US$10 in Costa Rica so it is probably cheaper to get it from here). You are free to donate disposal cams too (un-used ones yah). Some of my friends are intending to do that.

If you have queries about this project, do feel free to drop me a PM.

I do not belong to any charity organisation and this project is not funded by any organisation (although it will be great if funding is provided). I am doing this because I enjoy photography and I believe it is a good tool & skill to use to help others. Should I not go ahead with this project, be assured that you will be informed and I will even return what you have donated. But I am 99.99% sure this will go ahead cos we had made this happen in Costa Rica last year and we intend to do the project again this year.

When I do start on the project in Singapore, I am certain that I will ask clubsnappers if you like to help out to teach the children how to take photos.



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Nov 4, 2005
hey joy.. :thumbsup: meaningful activity.. up for you!

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