OTW Photo Bazaar (May 09)

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Aug 31, 2004
ON THE WALL (OTW) is a photographic flea market about ANYTHING pertaining to PHOTOGRAPHY!

Like an informal "exhibition", OTW is an interesting showcase of fine art prints from budding photographers (of all walks of life). At the same time, it's also an excellent networking platform for enthusiasts alike or "the curious" to mingle and exchange ideas, or simply trade their camera gears, books and many other photographic-related creations and commodities in the lively "bazaar".

On top of that, this quarterly community gathering is also accompanied by insightful dialogue sessions and workshops touching on various topics of photography! Plus great art market experience with free flow of coffee & tea*!

Date & Time:
* May 23 (Sat): 1pm - 9pm
* May 24 (Sun): 11am - 7pm

* 2902 Gallery, OldSchool, 11b Mount Sophia #B2-09

* Free (unless otherwise stated)

* 6339 8655 | onthewall@2902gallery.com


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Aug 31, 2004
23rd MAY, Sat (1pm – 9pm)

1-9pm : ON THE WALL ~ Photo Bazaar

* Free flow of Coffee & Tea for everyone! (between 2-5pm)

1-5pm : Advance Digital Printing Workshop - From Image To Print
* Pre-requisite: Basic Photoshop

2-3pm : Practical Tips - Collecting Photography Works

3.30-5pm : Professional Development - Selling Beyond The Gallery

5-6pm : Artist Dialogues (by selected OTW Participants)

6-9pm : Portfolio Review Session (for Graphic Designers + Commercial Photographers)
* Please email onthewall@2902gallery.com for details

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24th MAY, Sun (11am – 7pm)

11am-7pm : ON THE WALL ~ Photo Bazaar

* Free flow of Coffee & Tea for everyone! (between 2-5pm)

11.30am-12.30pm : Practical Tips - What Makes A Good Portfolio?

1-3pm : Professional Development - Selling By Words!

3-6pm : Seminar - Planning Your Own Photo Exhibition

3.30-5pm : Presentation - Introduction to History of Photography

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Aug 31, 2004
Synopsis of the programmes...

Advance Digital Printing Workshop - From Image To Print

* By Kelvin Mun (Printing Specialist) & Derrick Choo (Leica-endorsed Photographer)

In this practical workshop, participants will learn the essential steps to achieve good print from source file. The session covers colour management, the nature of inkjet printer and papers, the nature of digital image as well as editing techniques to bring the best out of your image.

About Kelvin Mun

Kelvin has 10 years of experience in the professional printing industry. His understanding of printing technology and nature of inkjet prints is extensive, which includes fine art printing as well as printing on alternative materials like ceramic tiles, wood and polycarbornate.

Kelvin's expertise has helped in the setting up of digital printing workshop for the Singapore International Photography Festival 2008. Currently, his projects involved printing for Singapore Art Museum and Month of Photography Asia 2009.

About Derrick Choo

Derrick specializes in photojournalism and travel photography in his hallmark style of dramatic black and white photography. Adept at using manual rangefinder cameras, he seeks to find the extraordinary in the ordinary. Derrick's accolades include winning the 3rd Prize in "Painted Faces, Present Memories" Photo Competition (Open Category) by the Singapore History Museum.

Derrick’s flexible repertoire is reflected in photography subject matters as diverse as Festivities, Orphanages, Chinese Opera, Zoo animals and a School Barber. A selection of his Tibet photographs were exhibited in his first exhibition "No Unsacred Places" in 2902 Gallery.

As a Leica-endorsed photographer, Derrick has also conducted a hands-on sharing session with Leica's latest rangefinders at SMU as part of SIPF (Singapore International Photography Festival) fringe programmes.

Practical Tips - Collecting Photography Works
* By Gwen Lee (Gallery Director)

How to appreciate value in fine art photography? What makes a body of work worth collecting? Get insider tips from an insider!

Professional Development - Selling Beyond The Gallery
* By Gwen Lee (Gallery Director)

Find out all you need to know about pricing, editions and different avenues to sell your works beyond gallery settings.

About Gwen Lee

After 6 years of experience in the museum scene as a curator, Gwen left the National Museum of Singapore to pursue her passion in photography. She is the founder of 2902 Gallery, the largest dedicated space for photography in Singapore, and has hosted numerous photography exhibitions in the process. She is also a recipient of Creative Community Singapore Talent fund to create an online platform to promote fine art photography.

In 2008, Gwen spearheaded and chaired the inaugural Singapore International Photography Festival (SIPF), featuring more than 800 high-quality works from 66 international photographers all over the world, and hosted a wide spectrum of enriching workshops and seminars over the span of 3 weeks. Currently, she is planning for the 2nd Singapore International Photography Festival, which will be taking place in 2010.

Artist Dialogues (featuring award-winning photojournalist Bob Lee)
* By OTW participants

A casual dialogue session where selected OTW participants will be sharing their thoughts and creative processes behind their body of works.

About Bob Lee Keng Siang

A veteran SPH photojournalist at "mypaper", Bob has won the Singapore Press Holdings' Monthly Best News Picture and Best Feature Picture awards. With a keen interest in people and an ability to see the oft-neglected aspects in our everyday life, Bob’s striking sense of empathy have enabled him to create many insightful images. His image "Restrains", was selected as the top Jurors’ Choice in the Singapore Art Awards 2005.

One-2-ONE Portfolio Review Session
* By various creative professionals

Held in conjunction with Goethe-Institut’s month-long exhibition, "The Dimension of the Plane: Communication Design in Germany", this event is specially designed for graphic designers & commercial photographers to network & seek useful advices from established professionals in the field. Here's your chance to rub shoulders with creative BIG NAMES like Chris Lee (The Asylum), Roy Poh (Beautiful), Kelley Cheng (iSh Magazine) & many more!

Practical Tips - What Makes A Good Portfolio?
* By Dr Oh Soon Hwa (Assistant Professor in NTU School of Art, Design & Media)

First impression counts, and a good portfolio certainly gives a good impression on your potential clients / employers! Get tips on how to present and package yourself to make your portfolio "tick".

About Oh Soon-Hwa

Originally from South Korea, Dr Oh Soon-Hwa is a photographer and trained educational researcher. Her research interest focuses on the artist and dealer relationship. Based on her observation and experience as an emerging artist in New York, she developed a study that explored the cultural, social, and psychological roles of the networks of relationships among artists and art world professionals. The study identifies various roles of networks of relationships and examines in which ways their relationships contribute to the development of their creative works.

Dr Oh is also the author of the book "From Art School to Art World." Apart from her academic research, she is also an active photographer. Her recent photographic project proposal, "Foreign Bride", was selected as a semi-finalist for a prestigious award for documentary projects, The Lange-Tyler Prize.

Professional Development - Selling By Words!
* By Dorothy Ng (Public Relations Practitioner, Communications Specialist)

A picture may speak a thousand words, but words can also give a clearer picture of you and your works! Often overlooked, if you struggle to write your biography and artist statements, this could be a session you need to present yourself professionally.

About Dorothy Ng

Dorothy has over nine years of experience in public communications and media relations. A graduate from the NTU School of Communication Studies, Dorothy specialised in Public Relations and Public Communications. From 2000 to 2007, she worked in the National Museum of Singapore as the Corporate Communications Manager and worked closely with the media to raise the public awareness of the museum’s programmes and exhibitions.

A volunteer befriender for Club Rainbow since 2006, Dorothy was the Marketing Director for Camp Rainbow in 2007 and garnered extensive media coverage for the camp which was held in conjunction with the 25th Anniversary of Club Rainbow. In 2008, she spearheaded the media and publicity efforts for the Publicity Director for "Let’s Take A Walk", a charity walk organized by Raleigh Society. Dorothy is also a volunteer copywriter and editor for the Humanitarian Services for Children of Vietnam, Vietnam.

Dorothy enjoys travelling and writing. Her wanderlust has brought her to Cambodia, India, Iran, Laos and Syria amongst others. Her travel features have been published in Lianhe Zaobao and MyPaper. She currently works in the Singapore maritime industry as a Corporate Communications Manager.

Seminar - Planning Your Own Photo Exhibition
* By Chow Chee Yong (Photography Lecturer in Temasek Polytechnic Design School, Curator for SIPF 2008)

The first part will cover an overview & challenges faced in planning an exhibition, followed by editing of works for exhibition. Participants are encouraged to bring their works for the session.

About Chow Chee Yong

Chee Yong graduated with a BFA (Hons) in Photography in 1994 from Western Michigan University, USA. In 1998, he received the JCCI Art Scholarship to Tokyo to complete his graduate studies. He achieved his MA in Photography in 2001 from Musashino Art University, Tokyo, Japan. His works were featured in publications like Passages North (USA), Photo Asia (Singapore), OP Editions (Hong Kong), m2photosynthesis (Singapore), Light Trails (Singapore), 11+1 (Japan), and Photographs by the Next Generation: Young Portfolio (Japan), among others.

Chee Yong's first publication, a collection of surreal images titled, "30th Feb" was launched in Singapore together with his 6th solo exhibition. On top of that, he was also part of the curatorial team in the inaugural Singapore International Photography Festival in 2008. Chee Yong currently teaches photography in the Department of Visual Communication at Temasek Polytechnic Design School, Singapore.

Presentation - Introduction to History of Photography
* By Kenneth Feinstein (Assistant Professor in NTU School of Art, Design & Media)

Crafted for both art collectors and photographers who wish to have an overview on the history of photography, thus gaining a better understanding to their works.

About Kenneth Feinstein

Kenneth received a BA in Film & Photography from Hampshire College in the US. He was awarded an MA (Cum Laude) in Media Studies from the European Graduate School (EGS) in Switzerland. He is currently finishing his Ph.D in Media Philosophy from EGS.

As a multimedia artist and theorist, both his written and art works address the relationship of the work of art and the audience. He has been exhibited in museums and galleries in China, Japan, Germany, South Africa, Russia as well as the United States. His solo show “Let A Thousand Videos Bloom” was exhibited at the Chelsea Art Museum, New York in 2004.

Kenneth is currently an Assistant Professor in NTU’s School of Art, Design & Media. His main areas of research are in media theory, interactive installation, display technologies and photography.

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