Olympus EE-1 Dot Sight (mini) Review


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Aug 13, 2004
(From http://www.getolympus.com/us/en/ee-1-dot-sight.html)

This externally-mounted dot sight is perfect for super-telephoto photography of wild birds. This accessory assists in framing when photographing far-away subjects. The brightness and position of the reticle can be adjusted. Because it is powered by a coin-type battery, it can be used when attached to the hot shoe or cold shoe.
  • Dustproof and splashproof dot sight.
  • Compatible with any camera with a hot/cold shoe mount.
  • Slide lever style opening mechanism.
  • Reticle brightness and position can be adjusted.
  • Perfect for super telephoto shots of wildlife.

Here's a stock photos of the item

Here's a photo of the EE-1 mounted on my camera for size reference.
$2015-05-12 11.29.16.jpg

I just got mine from Hong Kong (Approx 9xx hkd) for my DSLR birding setup. (I used to shoot a zoom where i can zoom out to find an object but have since moved to a fixed prime)
The unit uses a CR2032 battery, and has 4 main controls.
1. A brightness dial which serves as an off dial (You have to off it even if you close it!)
2. An open/close catch
3/4 - Two dials to align the sight. (This gives the compatibility with many cameras)

Here's a video of the sight (already calibrated at a far object) The nice thing is the sight is very bright (adjustable) to use even in a harsh bright day. (Even at lowest setting, its bit too bright for indoors)


One thing i like about this sight (compared to the standard dual dot sights on my telescopes) is how easy it is to use. There's no 'align two red dot to aim' here, the dot sight stays on ur object within a large field of vision. After a few uses, you learn how where to look, and even if you're off by 15 degrees, its still accurately on your subject. My face is on the dslr body when i shoot, and i just have to move my eye upwards and look thru the dot sight (having a full normal human field of vision now) to find my object and move back down to the DSLR OVF to aim accurately.

Alignment is pretty easy. Mount up the camera on a tripod, sight it using the OVF/LCD, then adjust the two dials to get the red dot on the object. The left/right alignment is permanent, distance doesn't affect. But the up/down alignment is trickier due to the parallex not being aligned. I aligned the sight to an object approximately 50m away. It was accurate for objects 10meters and above. At 5-10m, it was more or less accurate, less then 5, its way off. (Its an inherent problem with any sight) Not a major issue.

Will be looking forward to test this for a bird in flight tracking !

I guess my only gripe is the unit doesn't auto power off when you close it. (Seperate dial) but the CR2032 batteries are easy to bring spares.

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May 2, 2006
I guess my only gripe is the unit doesn't auto power off when you close it. (Seperate dial) but the CR2032 batteries are easy to bring spares.
I just picked one up from Olympus since it is on sales.

The manual said "Rotating the dial to OFF turns the product off, as does returning the sight to the closed position ..."

So it would seems it does turn off the power.

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