[nitewalk] Sunrise shoot at the Promontory

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May 31, 2010
I've not organised any outing for a year and inspired by shiosaki plus i planned to shoot here on this coming saturday as a reshoot for the previous time i was there, here goes.

However, I am planning to keep the group small as usual, as it is pointless to have a big group and everyone is doing different things and it gets very messy.

Thereafter, we may go for a breakfast at MBS where we can view each other's shots and discuss on what are the areas which are done well and which are the areas which we can do better. Basically, it is a session which I hope to get individuals to come together, hopefully people can find shooting partners and also have an informal critique session while having food.

Sunrise on the 4th December is at 7:06am and it is advisable to reach there about 30mins before the sunrise. However, from my experience, the Merlion throws water quite early, about 6:30am, I will be there from 6:15am onwards to set up and prepare. You are most welcomed to join me at that time if you would like to ask some questions or have a short chit-chat.

Time: 6:20am to 8am (shoot), 8am - ? (breakfast and discussion)
Date: 29th March (Saturday)
Meet-up place: The Promontory

Items to bring:
1. Water
2. Camera & lens (any format)
3. Tripod (Important)
4. Umbrella (optional)

I am planning to have a short walk-and-talk to MBS where we may shoot the CBD from MBS depending on the lighting condition. Do bring along a card reader if your card is not an SD card. I will not be providing a map, which I used to do, as I believe it is part of this genre of photography to be able to do your own research on how to get there. However, if you do need help please feel free to ask me.

Please sign up below and i will limit to 5 pax and will only entertain those who are in the list. I will also only open up one reserve slot as it was, in previous experience, sufficient to have only one reserve. Also, I will not increase the slots if there are experienced shooters as it will not be easy for people to share after that if there are too many people. Thereafter, it should end by about 10am.

Please PM me your contact details (your real name, phone number, gender and age range (e.g. 20s for me). This is to help me to identify you on the day itself). Let me know if you have whatsapp so i can contact you through that.

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