Need Help in Finding a Location!

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Mar 20, 2013
Hi guys, i rarely post on the forums, more of a lurker and reading from your experiences and learning from your photos. I need help in finding a specific location, and seeing how one person would take far longer in finding it by himself, and my assignment is due in 2-3 weeks time, I'm asking for help! :sweat: If i'm asking in the wrong forum do inform me!!

Some background information about myself; i'm an 18 year old student, currently studying in the east *hint*. For one of my assignments i need to find a wall that has a hole in the center, say, if the Hulk were to punch through a wall, it would be something like that :) A better imagery is Josef Koudelka's Chaos series of photos.


I hope i attached it properly. I need to find a similar looking wall, don't need to be as detailed but i just need the gaping hole in the center of it. I'm hoping to go to some run down locations to see if they have it, but i was hoping more eyes could help me, or if you know of a pre-existing one currently. Do help a busy student out :angel:

Thanks in advance! :thumbsup:



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Aug 11, 2013
Help me lehh, if you know can just PM me :(
If I could I would, but I also don't shoot urbex. Probably you can start Googling for those old abandoned mansions around the island, I've heard of a few, but they're not the easiest to access.


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Sep 27, 2004
Punggol, Singapore
Help me lehh, if you know can just PM me :(
SG is unlike any other countries, there is no such deserted place you can legally go inside without breaking the laws.

MarkersNg is correct. no one will disclose any such the locations to people they hardly know.
once such places getting to much attention, they will fence up the premises and install CCTV in the parameter.

further more, we do not encourage our members to do any unlawful things, like trespassing into any state or private properties.

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