mullersohn digital enlarger help


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Mar 12, 2010
I just bought a Mullersohn digital enlarger which the seller stated is a MDL305 RA 17.2Mp. , and the only info on the LCD projector head plate is:

Nr 0261206
Tp 1D.01
Bauj 2006
V:12/24 1.6A

The LCD panel is mounted to an Omega enlarger frame…

Well my problem is the following: when I turn on equipment , the LCD enlarger head projects whatever the monitor is showing (windows desktop)… and when I try to load a picture to the Exposer software (Digilab exposer V10.6) the main monitor shuts off and the LCD head continues projecting the windows desktop image.

I know something about computers , but not the Mullersohn digital enlarger and its software…do you think the software is not properly configured ?

Would you recommend to replace the graphics card on the main computer or maybe this card is not properly configured as well?

if someboby knows if there is an installation manual available with all this information … or if there is a dealer in Texas USA or Mexico who service Mullersohn equipment so I can call for help, I just call mullersohn in germany and they say theres no tech service for their equipment in US or Mexico..

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