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Apr 4, 2003
City Hall
Moving back home from NTU hostel at the end of May. Have a number of items for sale. Items only available after I move back. Those interested please arrange with me to view the items and then give me a reasonable bid. Highest secures. I reserve the right not to sell the items if the price is not reasonable.

1) Philips PowerVision 20 inch colour TV ------------- $150

2) LG GR-131SSF Fridge (3 feet (0.9m) in hight) ------------ $100

3) Foldable wooden table ------------------------------ $10

4) High-back office chair ------------------------------- $40

5) Complete 2 feet tank setup consisting of: --------- $40
i. Five Plan 2x1x1.5 feet tank
ii. Boyu 2 feet light (pink)
iii. Superboy Overhead Filter (Japanese pump)
iv. 2 tier 2 feet iron stand
v. HaiLea adjustable 2 valve air pump
vi. Plastic separator
vii. Ceremic air-stone

6) PSone (mini portable one) with original vibrating controller, memory card and around 30 games------------------------- $100

Self collect in NTU....
Those interested can call/sms me at 96867735 for viewing....
Everything must be settled by 29th May.....

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