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Jul 14, 2007
Dear all,

Came across this photo competition at this group of outlets at
Demsey hill. You can win a return air ticket to Bali!

Check it out!

Prizes! Prizes! Prizes! What do I Win?
1st Prize: Roundtrip Air ticket to Bali Indonesia for (2) + $500 Vouchers*
2nd Prize: Apple iPOD touch ( New Gen 32GB) + $300 Vouchers*
3rd Prize: Overnight stay for (2) at the Marina Bay Sands Hotel+ $200 Vouchers*
Facebook Online Favorite: Fuji Film Instax Mini Camera + $100 Vouchers*


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Oct 3, 2005
Seng Kang
Wow interesting "Intellectual Property"

 By participating in this Contest, and in consideration for the opportunity to win prizes, participants hereby agree to grant to Dempsey 6ixAND7even a perpetual, worldwide, transferable, irrevocable, non-exclusive license to use, copy, modify, exhibit, distribute, make derivative works of, in any manner in the discretion of Dempsey 6ixAND7even, any and all intellectual property contained in any submission. This license grant is not contingent upon anything else, including, but not limited to, participant winning the Contest. Participants will, without question, dispute or objection, provide to Dempsey 6ixAND7even, if required, written confirmation, permission or authorization of the right by NCS to use the intellectual property so nominated, in any form whatsoever, that may be required.

 Participant undertakes not to assert any claim for violation of intellectual property rights associated with any entry in the Contest against Dempsey 6ixAND7even or any of its affiliates, or the officers, directors, employees, representatives and agents of each.

 Participant acknowledges that Dempsey 6ixAND7even is not responsible for the protection of any intellectual property rights of that participant in connection with any entry submitted in connection with the Contest. Participant is solely responsible therefore.


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Oct 16, 2003
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Doesn't seem fair... for clause 1, if it's for winning entries then reasonable. For clause 2, it's basically a get-out-of-jail card if anyone misuse the photos. Clause 3 is somewhat acceptable but also not very ideal..

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