MO: Domke Accessories


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Jan 1, 2006
Organizing a bulk order on the following Domke accessories. Please e-mail or whatsapp me if interested.

F-34L 19" Square Protective Wrap (Model #722-19): SGD18
Available Colors: Grey, Black, Red, Blue
You can't have too many of these! Constructed of padded, hook and loop knit with a non-scratch nylon backing, these squares can be wrapped around lenses, tools, or anything else that will fit inside. Hook and loop tabs on all four corners let you wrap and stick them in any shape

F-901 Compact Pouch (Model #710-10): SGD25
Available Colors: Navy Blue, Olive, Black, Sand
Hook and loop a Domke pouch onto any camera bag strap, belt it or hang it on a tripod or light stand. Top flap has hook and loop closure. Perfect for point-and-shoot cameras and compact digital cameras. Great for lenses, flash units or cellphones. Adjustable hook and loop tabs attach securely to shoulder straps or use the extra-wide belt loop.

F-902 Super Pouch (Model #710-20): SGD28
Available Colors: Navy Blue, Olive, Black, Sand
A great holster for handle-type strobes, battery packs, or even a 300mm F/4 lens. Fits Polaroid backs, camera bodies and flash units. Complete with hook and loop strips for attachment to tripod or light stand. Same attachments as Compact Pouch.

Please contact me to reserve a unit. Delivery will be made starting the weekend of December 12.

Name: Loo Fang Wen
Whatsapp: 97261909