MMORPG - World of Kung Fu; A scandal exposed

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Apr 10, 2006
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Hi guys,

For all you MMORPG fans, please take this to read this....

This game is not worth your time. Why? Because the Game Masters (GM) are corrupted and power-hungry. They abuse their power and subdue those who would potentially become power all for their pleasure sake.

If you think i'm lying, join the game. Go to JadeDragon server and ask any high lvl(lvl60 and above) about the history of the school Triads, DivineJustice and AngelNite!

I was from AngelNite. And the GMs created for themselves an overly-unmatched-powerful character (aka Yamen) and went around killing everyone in my school indiscriminately.

There are better MMORPGS to play.. skip this game. If you have any questions about this game, email to
Any doubts of my credibility? Join the game and see =)


Jul 10, 2004
sounds just like a movie! where there are jealous gods and ambitious mortals...maybe even greek mythology! not bad what the game..depicts themes from certain cultures realistically

Jul 10, 2004
games are fun till you get too involved into them..i can't believe people would pay real money to buy items for games...i'm okay with online subscription fees...they are a service after all and services should be paid for..but for cyber items? these things are transient and it's not something you can preserve and show your grand kids "ah boy, come here..gong gong wants to show you something...i used this very sword to slay the's because of it you are here..i want you to have it"

i used to be a damn hardcore gamer to the point where i still played games in my dreams would comprise of the game itself..i'm actually INSIDE it... damn bad... but that was another life time ago..


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Nov 2, 2004
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don't see the purpose of this thread so i can't say that it has served it's purpose
but there seems to be nothing gained from it here

thread closed

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