"Migrant Workers" photo exhibition by Shahidul Alam and Lance Lee (22 May - 30 June)

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Jan 16, 2003
Hi Everyone,

Migrant Workers Photo Exhibition
Featuring works by Shahidul Alam (Drik) and Lance Lee (Offstone)

When: 22 May - 30 June, 2003.
Mon to Thur, Sat, 9am - 6pm
Friday, 9am-9pm
Sunday, 12am - 6pm

Where: Singapore History Museum at Riverside Point, level 3. Opposite Clarke Quay.

Synopsis: The single hope, to change one's destiny, ties all migrant workers together. Whether they are Bangladeshi sweating in Malaysia’s rainforests, South Indians building the skyscrapers in Singapore or Burmese fishing in Thai bumboats, they all struggle for a chance to change their destiny. This hope for change is the single driving force for them to leave homes and loved ones to work in distant lands.

Migrant Workers (Imaging work) is a visual exhibition that features the ongoing photography works of Dr Shahidul Alam (Bangladesh) and Lance Lee (Singapore) on the topic of migrant workers. The exhibition shows the journey of migrants workers to their host countries, the hard work they do, the places they live and the problems and loneliness they face.

There will be a series of talks
1. 24 May, 1:30pm - 6pm. Forum on Imaging Work

2. 25 May. Use of images in manufacturing consent by Dr Shahidul Alam (http://www.drik.net)

3. 7 June. Going back to basics by Ming (http://www.colonjay.com)

4. 14 June. Shooting photo stories by Lance Lee

5. 21 June. Infrared Photography by Greg Choong

6. 28 June. "People Photography: Breaking the Ice within 60 Seconds" by Eddie Ng

The talks will be held at the same place as the "Migrant Worker" exhibition. For more details on the talks, pls visit

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