Might : Mass order from adorama USA

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Mar 18, 2003
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Not trying to mis-lead in anyway but i might be getting something from this online camera store so was thinking if any olympus users here want to get something as well?

Not confirm with the ordering though as i'm still scouting around to see if i can get my stuff locally but chances is rather high. Maybe you like to pop in to their online store and check it out and list the items in this post.

Conditions for this little mass-order.
I'm not earning in anyway but thought it would be nice to see if anyone want to tap along with this online order and share out the shipping fee.
I'm not catering to a "massive" ordering thus i post this thread here in Olympus section so let me know asap as i will close this ordering soon.
Once things get going, i need full transfer of the order's amount over to my account before i place it. Pardon me on this move as i need to protect myself of any "MIA" orders. I believe all of you will be understanding enough on this move of mine.

Enough said, let's start shopping! ;)

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