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Jul 24, 2009
Hi All,
Got a few questions that perhaps some of you that are qualified to answer will help me out.

I have a bachelors in Graphic Design minor in photography having taken numerous classes in fine art photography. A long standing dream of mine has been to pursue MFA in Photography track.

My goal is to teach after MFA

- I Am looking for a lower cost MFA Photography program on the East coast, would anyone recommend one? I was looking at VCU, SCAD, not very familiar with institutions in the North

- I can't seem to find any MFA Portfolios online. Would be nice to have a resource to look at somebody portfolio to compare to the kind of work / level an MFA Portfolio needs to be. Can anyone suggest a resource?

- I have been published and was a finalist in Photographer's Forum contests and others, would this information be something relevant to mention and stress upon when applying to MFA programs.

Thanks a lot,

Any answers would be fantastic,


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