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Jan 16, 2002
If Matrix Reloaded had been directed, shot and produced in Singapore, what would be some of the more memorable lines?

Here are my contributions :-

Meriwengian scene
"K** N** N** C**** C**** B****** L** C**** C**** P***** K*****!! (substitute with your favorite Hokkien expletives) I love to curse in Hokkien, its like wiping your a*se with sandpaper".

Oracle scene
"Choices? You have no choices. The choice has been made for you by xxxyyy. (substitute with your favorite entity) You are here not to debate on whether the choice is good or if there are other alternatives. You are here to accept the choice because you have no choice."


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Dec 7, 2002
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Mai seow seow. :cool:
"The best thing about being Lee, is that there are so many Lees."

If the Matrix and the Matrix Reloaded were shot in Singapore......

The Oracle would be a typical auntie buying veggies at the local wet market and Neo would be sitting on a bench with her to talk.

The chase scene would be shot in the underground tunnel stretch of the CTE.

Morpheus and Trinity would probably be driving a Nissan Primera.

The Keymaker would be this typical uncle locksmith operating out of a van.

Trinity would leap out of the OUB building, with an agent shooting away.

The Twins would be Ah Bengs wearing yellow tight shirts and ugly stretch pants, with dyed blonde hair. Both carry parang.

The Architect should be acted by our own PM Goh, in a cameo. Better yet, SM Lee. Dress all in white some more.

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