Makeshift accessories for Jinbei's Delicacy 180

Dec 27, 2009
Hi everyone,

I just bought a Delicacy 180 kit from Kenneth of TheStudioOutfitters yesterday.

As I only needed an entry level strobe unit for some studio shots, I decided to settle on the Delicacy 180 as it is small enough for my needs.

The kit basically comprises 3 flash units, 1 rectangular softbox, 1 octagonal softbox, honeycomb plus some stands, triggers and bags.

As there is no cover for the flash units, the flash tube and modeling light are exposed and susceptible to damage during storage or transportation.

Question 1:
I'm currently using a makeshift cover using those disposable plastic containers. While it works, it doesn't look nice at all. Just wondering if any other Delicacy owners managed to figure out where we can get the covers for the Delicacy or how to fabricate a better cover.

Tried looking high and low for the flash covers, but couldn't find anything online......

Question 2:
The included octagonal softbox is kinda good..
To improvise a beauty dish, I removed the outer fabric screen and added an aluminum foil on the internal fabric screen to reflect the light back into the octagonal reflector so that it works like a beauty dish.

Does anyone have another solution to reflect light back into the main reflector rather than using an aluminum foil ?
It works, but then again, it doesn't look nice.

Kenneth, if you are reading this, do you have any accessories for the Delicacy 180 ?


Exposed bulbs on the Delicacy 180. Damn worried it will break as there is no protection.

Fabricated a makeshift cover using disposable plastic containers.

Feels so much safer with the makeshift covers in place.

Homemade beauty dish....need suggestion to make it better

Effects of the homemade beauty dish. Really like the lighting effects. Hope there is a better alternative

Would appreciate if any Delicacy 180 owners can share how they protect the bulbs with a better cover and where can I get one.


Dec 27, 2009
The lighting effects for the Delicacy 180 is not too shabby....

Tried testing it on various lighting effects and backdrops.

Does the Delicacy 180 have any dedicated barndoors or snoot ?

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