LX2 vs S3 IS

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Aug 23, 2006
Both quite capable semi pro camera but Id lean more towards the LX2 or even LX1 for its raw capability. The biggest achiles heel for the LXs is the noise, the LX1 has less noise but less capable engine so you can see more of the noise, but can be easily remedied when shooting in RAW since even the simple free Adobe Camera Raw can remove most of the luminance noise plaguing these cams. The LX2 has quite similar level of noise but the VEIII engine took has the tendency to overdo the noise reduction removing some details int he process... again something that can be remedied by RAW shooting.

The Canon, I think you already read alot of reviews on this, I cant find any bad reviews on it.
Aside from not able to shoot RAW. So if you can live with just JPEG, and hate to do any post processing, definitely get the Canon. Coz if you compare unedited direct from camera JPGs and ease of use, I think the Canon definitely would trump the Panasonics.

But if creative control is your thing, the Panasonics has quite a few features that is missing from the Canon.



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Aug 2, 2006
Selangor D.E.
All depends on what you shoot. S3 have a focal length of 36 – 432mm f/2.7-f.3.5 while a LX2 is 28 - 112mm. Also the MP is different. 6mp againest 10.2mp...cannot compare..only personnel preferance.

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