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hi there i am deric i'm also new here,i just started my photography not long ago..erm i trying to get some advises from you pros out there which kind of handyflash,cam bags and vertical grips should i get for my Sony Dslr a550 camera to use?

any suggestion for the lenses i had chosen?

- 11-18mm ultra wide angle len
- 100mm macro len
- 70-200mm telephoto len
- 50mm prime
- a fisheye len (not sure which to choose yet)

lenses from sony/tamron :)

any good or bad comments out there from you pros?

i going for wide scenery shots,animals,wildlife,plants,portraits,landscapes,buildings,night-shots :)

here my email contact hope u can give me more suggestions from you pros :)
star_warrior89@hotmail.com (msn/hotmail)
wo_bushuai.deric@gmail.com (gmail)

the lenses you shortlisted are all fine lenses..

but are you going to buy all of them at the same time? Do you really need all these specialized lenses?


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Oct 8, 2009
wah, looks like an expensive selection. very rich leh u :)

Maybe you can get more advice from the Sony/Konica Minolta users in the sub-forum?

Actually we can't really advice you when we don't know what is your main interest in photography.
Generally, the uses for the lenses you're interested have different speciality needs.

Wide-angle and fisheye, mostly for landscapes?
70-200mm can be used for wildlife and can also be used for portraiture?
50mm prime can be used for portraiture or still life?

It all boils down to what you like to shoot and it can help you minimise your selection. ;)


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Nov 18, 2009
Pasir Ris
Welcoem to CS...:cool:

What kind of shot are interested in?
Then zoom in to those type of lens that you are interested in.
Then we can advise the kind len you need.


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Jul 5, 2006
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Hi bro, since you are asking about Sony equipment, better to ask in the Sony sub-forum. Users of other brands may not be able to answer you since they have not used the Sony system before.

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