Lens tackles blurry snaps

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Sep 9, 2003
just an interesting article to share.

Depth of field and ensuring the foreground and background are sharp is an issue for many types of imaging systems.

Blurred images happen when information in the processing of the image is lost.

Dr Harvey's team, in partnership with QinetiQ, formerly the UK's defence research agency Dera, has developed an optical encoder lens for thermal cameras.

Traditional coding of images (l) and coding using wavefront (r)
Using wavefront coding, the system encodes the image so it always looks the same without losing any information.

Wavefront coding was originally proposed by Dr Edward Dowski, of the University of Colorado, for microscopy.

"Our system means that an image never goes out of focus; so if I want to take a picture of my nose with a tree in the distance, I can get them focused at the same time," explained Dr Harvey.

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