Landscape and Travel Photography Course (July intake,Date TBA)

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Mar 7, 2011
Landscape and Travel Photography Course (July intake, Date TBA)
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Session 1:

Friday from 7pm to 10.00pm. (10th June) Conducted in Studio

Theory courses

Session 2:

Saturday from 6.20am to 10.20 am

(Practical course, Application on Wide angle, tele lens and super tele lens,

storyline landscape and travel photography, Critics on Practical session, summit photo on practical site)

Session 3
On line submission of practical picture compilation for critics.

At Travel Photography and Landscape Course Singapore, we offers a unique experience in photographing these unique and beautiful landscapes and icon. Our ambition is to teach the far harder task of capturing emotion, message to be conveyed and imagination by the camera. In this course, photographic skills are learnt and exercised under this key objective: to translate emotion into photograph. Singapore may be a small country, but there is still many areas to explore for beautiful landscape picture. At Travel and Landscape Photography Course Singapore, we focus on using solely camera technique, picture composition and style to bring out the beauty of landscape and icon not using Photoshop and HDR.

Renown Landscape Photographer rely solely on camera technique that give high quality in-camera images and requires little or no post-processing effort. That give you more time in the field to take photos. Plus, you know you got what you wanted while you are still at the location. With that achieved on site, little will be needed for editing photo and with ample buffering left.

We are set to instill internationally recognize photography skill to participants.

At the completion of the course, launch out all over Singapore, apply the technique learnt, and start your collection of Beautiful Singapore. for overseas traveller, get yourself ready before your trip and come back with excellent picture to show. Skip the process of editing picture after your trip as you will be weary unpacking your luggage. Applied what you learnt in our course and got what you want at the location.

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Jun 14, 2011
How was the session and are you starting it again? If yes, what will be the charges?

Mar 7, 2011
Hi, June session is good with lots of turn up. the only factor is the weather. we did not get a good sun but the participants managed to put what they have on that day to very good use. Below link by last batch participant despited the weather. Also check out webpage for charges

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