Knowledge Bowl -- Nature Photography Course (6th March 2008)

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Ever wondered how those close up shots of the insects were captured? How about getting some great shots of the animals or those great looking shots of the flowers?

Nature Photography Course equips you with the skill to embark on your journey in nature
photography. Throughout the 5 lessons, you shall learn the theory which is accompanied by 2 outdoor practical lessons which are guided by the instructors.

Nature Photography Course

Commencement Date: 6th March 2008, Thursday
Time: 7.15pm to 9.15pm
Course Fee: S$200, 5 Lessons, 2 hours per session, once a week
Instructor: Raymond Chua
Venue: 190 Middle Road #04-28 Fortune Centre S 188979

** Practical lesson will be held over the weekend.

Course Outline:
Lesson 1: Beginners guide to nature photography, Understanding nature photography work, Equipment used (camera, lenses)

Lesson 2: Location scout, Composition (rule of thirds application), Lighting condition(use of flash)

Lesson 3: Outdoor Practical

Lesson 4: Outdoor Practical

Lesson 5: Critique Session

You may register for the courses via email at or contact Siew Lan at 6333 0348.

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