Jiang Ji Chicken Rice (former Chatter Box Chef)

Oct 31, 2004
My makankaki, Uncle Bob, has managed to track down Sergeant Kiang - the 73 years old master who was one of the pioneering batch of chefs that started the legendary Chatter Box chicken rice at Mandarin Hotel four decades ago. He has recently opened a chicken rice stall called Jiang Ji, which is located inside Hong Xiang Eating House at 745 Havelock Road (open from 11am to 8pm and closed on alternate Sunday).

I went with two colleagues to try his chicken rice today. It was very good. The chicken was tender (even the breast meat) and not too oily. The rice and chilli were nice too. It was reasonably priced at $11.50 for 3 pax.

If you are around the area, do give it a try to support the 73 years old uncle. :thumbsup:

You can read Seetoh's review of Jiang Ji below:


Here are some pics that I took today:



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Jan 16, 2002
wow ! my childhood place ! the place changed so much. the teochew porridege in the same block also very popular, used to eat there..

and if you walk further up, it is block 50 ! that place , man, ask old uncle taxi driver, in the past, it was like one of the place you have to visit...

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Oct 31, 2004
Revisited Jiang Ji Chicken Rice with my colleagues. Said hello to my Hainan suki, Susan (Sergeant Kiang's daughter), and took a family portrait for them in front of the stall.

We ordered a whole chicken ($19) to be shared among five of us. The chicken still tasted as good as the first time I tried - smooth, tender and moist.

It tasted great by just dipping into the fresh ginger sauce (instead of mixing the chilli with the ginger).

The rice is flavourful and not oily.

All my colleagues loved the chicken rice there, not to mention that the price is very reasonable.

The renovation of the coffee shop is temporarily KIV till mid March, so you can still try it in the meantime.


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Feb 16, 2011
I'm a chicken rice lover. It certainly looks yummy.
Thanks for sharing. I think I will go try it out this few days.

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