Is there such a thing as "Best Photo" award?

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Aug 27, 2003
Is there such a thing as "Best Photo" in a competition? In photo competitions, the theme is always vague and general and in many results, many ppl are divided in their views on why certain images were chosen as the Best and not the rest of the 2nd, 3rd, etc....
For example, in the SBG case, many ppl were expecting that the judges were looking for pics with some sort of buildings/strucutres/ familiar locations of the SBG to reflect on the theme of the competition. If i am not wrong, the winners are mostly macro shots. These shots, in theory can almost be taken at any other gardens.
I would think that there should be say instead of 3 top prizes, there such be say 20 equal prizes for selected photos, and if there is room, then a special award be given to 1 or 2 the "most popular choice photo", and not a Best Photo because like art, there is no such thing as the best piece (in term of artistic view) but probably the most popular choice.
What's yr view?

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