Interesting Theory on People With Sticks Up Their Asses and Constipation

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Aug 25, 2006
I found this somewhere and thought its interesting to share it here:

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I found this somewhere and thought it's interesting to share it here:

(remember boys and girls, if you make the font size bigger, it is more interesting for the audience, and possibly shows off that you have a larger monitor at home)

Question: How do sticks prevent constipation?

Answer: By discouraging people who do not eat fibre to change their ways. Constipation is a pain in the ass. As such, the stick will remind one when he sits down to eat, that he must eat fibre to avoid less pain up the ass.

Question: When people are encouraged to eat fibre, what do they do?

Answer: They eat sticks! How stupid can you get! Sticks are the best form of fibre!

With me so far? Well, everything works out fine because by eating sticks, constipation is reduced, which is the main purpose of the stick-up-the-ass syndrome! Now I..

Question: When people eat sticks, what happens to the number of trees around?

Answer: They decrease!

Last two questions,

Question: When trees decrease, what happens to the number of sticks available to stick up people's asses?

Answer: They decrease!

Question: When people cannot find sticks to stick up their ass, what happens?

Answer: They cannot remember to eat more fibre! Therefore, people just keep walking around with sticks up their asses all the time and whining about constipation.

Is what I am saying real? I definitely think so. At the macro economic level, many things can be predicted and this case, a VICIOUS cycle assures people with sticks up their asses that they will have to eat sticks and stick sticks up their asses for a long time to come.
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Jason Ho

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Jan 17, 2002
Disgusting, sorry I don't see the need for such discussion topics in CS.

I have already said, if anyone is bored, I recommend some outdoor shoot may be better than to discuss about such topics.

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