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Infinity Focus issue with Olympus 12-40mm F2.8 MF Clutch at 12mm?

Nov 24, 2015
Hi guys,

I am unable to focus to infinity with this lens when engaged in MF Clutch mode at 12mm. It seems like the focus is unable to focus to infinity because of software/hardware synchronization issue.

When I turn the focus ring all the way to the hard stop, it falls short of infinity at 12mm. It works as per normal at other focal lengths from 18mm and onwards though I am not sure it is really just infinity.

MF works normally and focusing to infinity works at all focal lengths when MF clutch is disengaged (AF and MF without hard stops).

I bought this lens instead of the 12-35mm just because of the MF clutch and this is clearly unacceptable for me, I will send it to repair again (just got it back like 3/4 days ago but had no chance to test) during my next off day but may I know if this is an issue specific to my copy of the lens?

Thanks in advance!



Staff member
Jun 6, 2007
South Western Singapore
Should be just your copy, mine stops after the infinity marker. But then again, not everyone uses MF so there could be more but just unknown

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