ICC Profile Confusion

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Aug 9, 2002
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Hi guys!! I've been reading online abotu profiling for my monitor / printing..

I STILL DUN UNDERSTAND!!! (sorry im quite low iq one)


1. I calibrated my monitor using those software, and saved it under a custom profile: "Mymonitor.ICC".

2. my G5 uses sRGB IEC61966-2.1, when i open a file, it always asks me if i wanna convert to my current color space, or to use the camera's one.

1. If i want my monitor to display the color MOST SIMILAR to a PRINTOUT (assuming i go to marineparade digilab), do i use the DIGILAB ICC? my G5 ICC? or my CUSTOM ICC for image editting?

2. Secondly, even if i use the DIGILAB ICC, what ensures that my monitor is even displaying colors correctly? No point using Digilab ICC to do my image editting if my monitor is displaying wrong contrast etc rite?

Please helps .... quite desperate coz wanna print some shots..

Thanks to all kindly!

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