How long to deliver?

What's the norm for delivery?

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The consumer is expecting faster delivery now, and you, the pro is having lots of work. :sweat:
For wedding professional photographers, how long do you deliver your final deliverables?
Softcopies or 4R are much faster, some within a week or two. Not an issue.
This poll is for final delivery for a flushed mount album or a coffee table book.
Some promised 2 weeks, some have the dates in the agreement like 2 months, some will deliver “when” is ready. :bigeyes:
What’s the norm? :think:


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I don't do weddings, only doing architectural and interiors. 4 to 6 weeks after the last shoot is usually what I state. If publication is required, then can stretch to 8 weeks.

I do mostly Malay weddings and I usually give my clients a 28 days' dateline. Of course most of them want it to be faster but I usually tell them that for me to design the layout of a 12x15 book is not easy... unless you want to get a half past six photobook.... and they usually agree and is very happy when they receive their wedding albums and photobooks.....

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