Help Needed,Audio went Bonkers

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Apr 15, 2004
hi dudes,

my audioo on my comp just died when i was selecting a song for a slide show!
pls help...

basically, i tried to play a mp3 file as usual and i got this :

Windows Media Player cannot play the file because there is a problem with your sound device. There might not be a sound device installed on your computer, it might be in used by another program, or it might not be functioning properly.

basically what i did was,

i reinstalled my sound blaster live driver. to no avail.

then when i checked my device manager, there is a YELLOW question mark on my Multimedia Controller. when i tried to check whats wrong. it prompts me to update the driver. but i dont know how to update it.

pls help, rushing a slideshow for a friend.


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