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Sep 27, 2006

Body: has been around since 1999, and like any website that’s been around that long, it’s gone through a lot of changes. We’re still working hard to make CreativePro even better, and we want your help!
Fill out a short 16-question survey about and you can enter to win a 16 GB iPod Nano ($150 value)!

We want to know what kinds of articles you like, what we should focus on, and what changes you’d like to see on our site that will make it even better.
Here’s the direct link to the survey:
It should take fewer than 5 minutes to fill out, so go ahead do it right now and enter to win!
The contest deadline is November 30 and we will contact the winner by email by December 5.
And as an extra bonus, if we get lots of responses, we promise not to post any more articles with cheesy survey-related stock art like this:

Or this:

Take the survey and make these people disappear!

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