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"It is not the intention here to attempt to persuade readers to become vegetarians. Instead, this is an objective answer to those who want to know the advantages of vegetarianism." Want to know more, get free distribution veg VCDs, etc. PM me.
Health Nowadays, we hardly hear of anyone dying peacefully due to old age anymore. It is almost as if people have come to believe that diseases come naturally with aging. But that is far from being the truth. It is never a "natural" process that these diseases will hit us. We are almost totally responsible for them ourselves. This is especially the case for heart disease and stroke. As for cancer, the National Cancer Institute (US) has estimated that up to 80% of cancers are due to factors already identified and can be control if we choose to. Though there are many contributive factors to the occurrence of these diseases, such as smoking, the most significant risk factors are still diet and nutrition. Neal Barnard, M.D., has put it aptly in his quote:

The beef industry has contributed to more American deaths than all the wars of this century, all natural disasters, and all automobile accidents combined.
--Neal D. Barnard, M.D., President Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine
Millions of human beings in less-developed countries go hungry just so that a tiny minority of people can eat meat.

75% of Third World imports of corn, barley, sorghum, and oats are fed to animals, not to hungry people.

More than 80% of corn and 95% of oats grown in US are fed to livestock in US.

The grains and soybeans that are fed to US livestock could feed 1.3 billion people.

The world’s cattle alone consume a quantity of food enough to feed more than the entire human population on Earth.

It takes 16 kg of grains to produce 1 kg of beef; as such, a person eating a meal of beef is depriving 15 other men from filling their stomach.

The same area of land can feed 20 times as many people eating a vegetarian diet than a meat diet.

Never before in human history has such a large percentage, 25%, of our own human species been malnourished; never before has as great a percentage of human race been overweight.
Doesn't God give humans permission to eat meat in Genesis 9?


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I am not against vegetarian, and I am not one, and sometimes just eat vegies for a meal.

But what about those irresponsible farmers that spray insecticide. No matter how you wash also no use. Of course, we have all the relevant authorities to check that it is at an acceptable level (not zero but acceptable for now until some deformities or disease arises).

At the end, I think eating all food moderately is best, system should be able to get rid accordingly.

By the way, in recent years, I noticed that more and more of those vegetarian hawker store in singapore started cooking everything with ginger in it. Sure makes some of the food taste wierd (previously they don't). What is the reason, anyone?

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