Has Anyone Been to Krabi?

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Jan 17, 2002
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Diner's Travel is having a 3 Days 2 Nights promotion for it. Based on this website, it seems like a very nice place to have fun and relaxation (and romantic getaway -- with my wife, of course).

Has anyone been there before? How do you find the place?


Hi Pinoy,

Krabi's the place to go to if you want to kick all the way back to relax. The entire town is drowsy most of the time. Looking around, you won't find buildings higher than 2 storeys, that's how 'hectic' the place is.

Just a short boat ride away are the famed beaches of Phi Phi (Re: Leonardo DiCarprio and Virginie Ledoyen's The Beach) and Phra Nang just to name a few. It's a MUST GO if you were to step foot in Krabi. These places are renowned for their excellent rock climbing spots which was my main purpose for visiting Phra Nang via Krabi.

You can spend a few days at these scenic beaches just enjoying the sunset, a tan or a swim. Really a zobo haven haha

Food-wise, you'll find the usual Thai assortment: Phad Thai, pineapple fried rice, fried crickets etc etc. A smorgasbord for your viewing and eating pleasure.

Krabi is not everyone's idea of a shopping haven. The best buy I did there was... bread! haha Found this quaint little bakery with an irresistible harvest of freshly baked loaves haha Other than that, I can't imagine what anyone can buy there.

Shoot-wise, you'd better load 2-3 rolls for everyday you stay there cos there's something at every corner for you to explore and capture. That's how I feel at least. Being a city-dweller for more than 20 yrs, laid back Krabi was an eye opener to me.

May/June is not exactly the best time to visit Krabi as the weather will spare you no mercy. A good time will be Oct-Jan onwards when it's more cooling.

Hope you find my info dated more than 2 yrs back useful! Have a good trip! :)

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