Great Kindness and Compassion

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Mar 13, 2008
Yio Chu Kang

Sony A350 + Minolta 24-85mm RS @ F/4.5, 1/10s, ISO800, 28mm, Flash Off.

Hello all, this is my first contribution here! :D

To portray a sense of solemness, tranquility and solace, as if in consultation with the Goddess herself.

Personal Thoughts
To achieve my aim, I decided to stop down a little so as to create a darker photo with the lighting emphasised more strongly on just both the Goddess and the subject.

Critique Objectives
I would like some inputs in the following areas:
- Exposure (Is the background and the surroundings too dark?)
- Depth of Field (Should I have blurred the background more? Should the lady be sharper?)
- Composition (Should I have cropped away the empty space on the left side?)

Appreciate all comments! Btw, this was a candid shot taken at the Buddha Tooth Relic Temple. :angel:

Mar 10, 2008
i do not see any solace or tranquility.a better way to potray this is not have any words ing the picture.this make the place look more like a museum.the woman in the photo makes the photo even worse.for example,if you were indeed searching for peace and solace,would you be carrying a bag?would your eyes be open?Should'nt you be kneeling?Also,my idea of tranquility does not include harsh artificial lighting.I would also feel more tranquility if i were in a natural surrounding.

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