Going to the Woodneuk Mansion/Tyersall Ave Forested area? PLEASE LOOK FOR LOST DOG!


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Dec 1, 2010
Dear photographers, if anyone happens to be hanging around these areas to take photos:

Botanic Gardens
Tyersall Ave (*Especially the forested area near the Woodneuk Mansion)

Peirce Road/Ridout areas

Please help to keep a look out for a LOST DOG! His name is Casper and he is a 3-legged mongrel. He is black with a little bit of brown, and smallish for a mongrel. He does not have a leash and collar. (He lost it along the way.) He is easily identifiable by his 3 legs!

Because he is a recently rescued stray, he is not used to humans and very wary. He only responds to a couple of humans who took care of him when he was injured. He will not come near you and he will not answer to his name. If you spot him, please call 8670 8857 immediately. DO NOT chase or attempt to go after him.

He has been spotted a couple of times in the above areas, and there is a likelihood he is hiding out in the forested areas. Please help! Thank you!!

Not sure if this link can be posted, but this is his lost notice on FB:

If no link, you can search for the Three Legs Good page on FB.

Thanks everyone!

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