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Mar 17, 2004
carnage3630 said:
Anyone using or used Giottos Tripod before? What are the pros and cons of this brand tripod? What are the street price expected to pay for one? Thanks!
I'm using a Giottos 9601. This model is very sturdy and has the unique feature of altering it's height through a patented rotary disc. Moreover it can go to very low heights and orientation compared to the Manfrotto 055Pro.

I'm using it with the Manfrotto 488RC0 ballhead... so it's a very heavy setup.
Depending on your usage, you may love or hate this.

It is heavy versatile but the complexity and weight of this baby bores many off.
Btw, I'm using this for my "sturdy usages" and velbon & slik for light traveling.

Price wise, it depends on which model you are referring to. PM me and see if I can help.

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