Fundamental of Black-and-White Photography

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Fundamental of Black-and-White Photography

An introduction to the aesthetics and darkroom procedures and practices of black-and-white photography. This course is designed for you who wants to enjoy learning the intricacies of exposing and developing film and making print, from mixing chemicals to selecting the sensitized photographic paper to match your aesthetic statement. Students will received hands on using the enlarger and making enlargements from their own black-and-white negatives including drying and mounting the prints for presentation.

Course Contents

1. Introduction to black-and-white photography
2. Building a home darkroom
3. Filters for monochrome effects
4. Film Processing and Printing procedures
5. Push Processing
6. Making and Designing a Photogram
7. Exposure techniques for colour positive film vs black-and-white film
8. Handling 35mm colour slides film materials and slides mounting
9. 35mm colour slides projection
10. Making a Contact Print
11. Dodging and Burning requirements
12. Spotting and Mounting Prints procedures

Course Kit

Students must equip themselves with a 35mm SLR camera, lenses and a tripod.
They should have their own processing tanks, changing bag, photo chemicals and
sensitized photographic paper.


This is a once weekly class. There will be seven practical lessons in the darkroom and one outdoor sessions guide by the instructor.

Date/Time: Every Tuesday from 7pm to 9pm

Total number of sessions: 8 (eight)

Course Fee: S$268.00


Certificate of Completion will be awarded to students who complete the course
with 80% attendance.

Course Facilitator/Instrutor:

Reknown Photographer/Trainer with many years of teaching experiences in Art Schools, educational centres - also advertising & commercial photography, offset printing, reprographic arts, photo mosaic & murals.

For more information and brochure kindly call or email:

Inoue School of Language and Art Pte Ltd
1, Sophia Road, #04-01 Peace Centre, Singapore 228149
Tel: (65)63333318
Fax: (65)63333308

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