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Jul 9, 2005
Hi Folks.

I need FREE LANCE photographers who can do glamour product shoots.

I am running a "Marketing Visuals" Company.

Essentially, I support marketing managers by
1) Printing their Artworks
( ie into banners, large format sticker, diecuts, kapaline boards, forex and duratrans....)
2) Photo Shooting their products
3) Fabrication of their shop signboards
4) Installation of their visuals.

If you are good in product shooting in a glamourous way....
please send your portfolio ( 3 pieces --- 100kb each) stating your fees as well, to
my corporate email at
if my mail box becomes full, and your mail gets bounced, please send to

It will be good for your portfolio if
you are to tie yourself up with my company. because our major customers
1) Salvatore Ferragamo
2) Bvlgari
3) Police
4) Katherine Hamlett
5) Kenneth Cole
6) Raymond Weil

ps....dun forget to include personal particulars in your email =)

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