Freedom in Taking Photo in Public Place


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Oct 6, 2003
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Recalling an incident that happened to me when I was taking photos at the east coast park beach. I was taking at the jetty like platform. Image is of some clouds and the sea at the distant horizon. Around this time, there is a guy fishing in the background and a young couple exercising. The couple must had heard my digital camera beeping while I was snapping away. They then approached me and asked me if they are included i the pictures I took and wanted to see if they appeared in the frames. I told them "yes, both of you appeared in the pictures". Then, they asked me to delete the picture that I took in which they appeared. I was abit taken a back but then obliged. But after thinking a bit longer on this incident, I questioned myself if I have the right to decline their request....Has the photographer no freedom at all in taking pictures with some people inside the frame? Its not that I purposely zoom in on them and take a portrait but they form part of the overall landscape and they did not even take up more than 30% of the image.


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Nov 22, 2010
Yew Tee
What i did was turning my knob that is able to skip 10 pics at one go to show that im not taking their pic and they are convinced that is happening, so maybe u want to apply this to ur theory?


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Apr 12, 2010
i believe that this has been discussed to death many times.... if they're not happy delete.

unless of course, you intentionally included them for composition's sake.

if not, retake again after deleting those shots once they're gone, or ask them nicely to let you take a shot of the scenery first. if they're not obliging and won't let u shoot if you delete, then why should you oblige and delete? just walk off.

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