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Nov 15, 2003
Hi there to all experts out there. Got some questions about flash photography. All tips appreciated.
Equipment: EOS 300D + speedlite 380EX

1) When shooting at Tv with the subject backlit against a very bright afternoon sun. (eg along a HDB corridor)
I just meter n shoot at the subject. backgrd (as in the opp block from the corridoor ) would be correctly exposed with the flash lighting the subject (foreground) right?

2) Same situation as above in Av or Tv.
EV compensation doesn't affect flash exposure right. so if i increase
-EV object will appear brighter n brighter compared to bckgrd right??

3) without flash i zoom in on the middle section of the subject, meter, AE lock. After that zoom out n recompose against backlit bkgrd. Subject will be more or less correctly exposed against bckgrd right??


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Oct 9, 2002
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1. yes. ad u may like to bracket the background scene

2. EV doesnt afect flash exposure is corect.
however increase EV is not for the object alone. its for the whole scene

3. yes. another method is to use spot metering

the good thing with EOS is that EV metering and flash exposure are treated separately

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